Sunday, April 25, 2010

And the Winnah is. . .Me!

Completed the Script Frenzy challenge yesterday afternoon, thanks to my trusty Mac computer and the incredible Scrivener software.  I also would like to thank James Cameron, whose wonderful film inspired me to write a fanfiction sequel.

So what's next? Well, the script isn't completed and will never be. It was just a fun exercise in writing discipline. The unfinished script will now take up permanent residence on my backup hard drive, lost in the mist of time.

As for me, I have a date with The Next Novel in May. Planning is already underway. This one's for real. This is the manuscript I'm going to be writing queries for and shopping around to agents come September, 2010.

But for now, it's Miller Time. . .time to relax.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Script Frenzy : Midpoint

According to Blake Synder in Save The Cat!, midpoint starts on page 55 of the script. I'm on page 59, so I'm actually a teensy bit ahead of schedule. Midpoint is "either an up where the hero seemingly peaks. . .or a down when the world collapses all around the hero." *

My midpoint feels like an "up".  Not storywise, though. Even though I'm not actually at the middle of the story in the script, the process is continuing normally. That's the "up".  Also having fun writing scenes in and out of order. These are the fun "candy bar" scenes I want to write first.

So I've written the opening. I know the end.  I guess what I'm writing now is mostly Act II stuff, or Fun and Games as STC puts it. Anyway, I'm getting my quota done. Should be no problem finishing on or before schedule. Except, of course, it's hell getting myself to write sometimes. If this were a "real" script I could sell, maybe I'd be writing up a storm. As it is, I'm barely getting my quota done. On the other hand, I'm doing this mainly as a way to force train myself to write every day before tackling The Next Novel in May.

Mr. Writer Machine lurches on. . .

* STC - p. 82 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Script Frenzy, Scrivener and Mac Love

Already two weeks into Script Frenzy. Quite a different feel from Nanowrimo. Where Nano is a gonzo, full speed ahead free-for-all, SF is actually sedate. While doing Nano, the story is just words, and a blur. But so far, my script is playing out like a movie in my mind.

I only did a quick outline to prepare for this year's Script Frenzy. I'm brainstorming as the writing progresses. Actually ahead of my daily quota. The work feels quite easy. Granted, I’m not under the pressure of writing a spec script for money. This is only for my personal fun. Still, writing is writing. It’s work. And the work is made much easier with the proper tools, such as Scrivener.

Scrivener is a piece of innovative software for managing writing projects, designed by a mad genius in old Britannia.  It’s Mac-only and does, well. . .everything.  Scrivener is brilliant. It does all things (and more) a writer could possibly ever need, except do the actual writing. This software is so good that many have bought their Macs just to use Scrivener. I'd been mostly sold on the Mac for years, but it was Scrivener that made me finally get off the fence. . .and into Mac Heaven.

What can I say about the Mac? How do I love thee, let me count the ways? First and foremost, it’s not Windows. I have nothing personal against Bill Gates and his Evil Empire. I don’t really think he’s the Devil Incarnate, but his ill-conceived spawn, Windows, just might be.

How can I (honestly) compare the Windows abortion to a Mac? Comparing a brain damaged, rabid chimp to Einstein would be the proper analogy. In the final analysis, there just is no comparison. Windows is not even in the same universe as the Mac. Working with the Mac is seamless and invisible. The machine lets me work or play--alone. It gets out of my way and stays away. But comes trotting back when I call.

On the other hand,  Windows is a constant struggle. It’s like a creaky, cranky, wheedling, threatening old granny. It can (and does) crash without notice, among many other highly disagreeable things. I’m not even going to get into the virus, malware and spyware issue. Windows suffers from them all. It is sick and infected from stem to stern. It's rotten, malicious, stupid, bloated, sly, wasteful and the Evil of the Age. I dislike it. I fart in its general direction. . .

However, by reason of superior design, the Mac is immune (so far) to whatever plagues the Windows OS. The machine from Cupertino also has superior esthetic design, superior materials, superior technical support. It’s downright superior to Windows and PCs all across the board. No hassle, no hair-pulling, no problem. The Mac just works. Beautifully.

To all Windows users/sufferers:
My low opinion of Windoze does not, in any way, shape or form include those required to use it. You have my deepest sympathy. It is the sin I condemn, not the sinner. However, I won't pretend to understand those who actually like Windows.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Script Frenzy Returns

With my new iMac and wonderful writing programs, I hit the ground running this year. Since I don't really know my way around Scrivener yet, I'm using Celtx to write the script. Scrivener is taking care of notes and outlining. It's a fabulous program, but it's going to take a little time before I can use it comfortably. Unfortunately, between work, other obligations and writing a hundred-page script in a month, I'll have to stick with Scrivener's basic functions. At least until Script Frenzy blows over.

The Future is Now

I know I was going to wait. But I couldn't. Script Frenzy was starting soon. Also had other projects I'm working on. So I took the plunge. I ordered a Mac this past Wednesday morning. The machine arrived on Friday morning. Free shipping, even. A class act.

Took me about fifteen minutes to get the Mac up and running. Configuring my Internet connection took about five minutes (!!). Yikes! That had never happened in all my 25 years in PC hell.

Short story even shorter: got pretty much up to speed the first day. Like rolling off a log. In fact, it's taking me longer to learn Scrivener, Celtx and NeoOffice than it did to get the basics of the Mac into my head. Getting easier every day.

Am I satisfied? No. Ecstatic, flabbergasted, amazed, amused, relieved and redeemed, YES. Do I miss my old PC habits? Was I more comfortable with Windows?

What's Windows?

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